If you like the playing Solitaire, you will also love the unique and  addictive Golf Solitaire card game. Golf is one of the most played  patience games in the world. The objective of the game is to complete  Golf course consisting of one, nine or eighteen "holes". Each "hole" is a  tableau of 7 columns of 5 cards each are dealt, all face up. One  additional card is dealt as the base of the foundation. The remaining 16  cards are turned face down to form the stock and are your "strokes". To  win a hole you need to clear all the cards form the table to foundation  using as few strokes as possible just like in real life golf game.   Cards are played in sequence from least to greatest or greatest to  least, regardless the suit and color, no dragging and moving card stacks  required. Play as long as you like, no locks, no restrictions. Prove  your skills, score best, be on top of leaderboards and get achievements  and share your results with friends. Golf Solitaire is simple to learn,  but hard to master.